• On site education is provided during every visit; whether through our formalized education modules or immediate feedback training when corrective actions are required for non-compliance of HACCP principles and standards that put your program at risk
  • An annual education curriculum is based in HACCP principles, guides education from the initial in service training through each site visit using a predetermined lesson plan
  • Each site will receive a Procedure & Reference guide that provides general kitchen practices, cleaning material mixing and use instructions, SDS, logs and equipment cleaning procedures
  • Monthly education topics provided at the site level focus on industry best practices for sanitation and food safety and count towards the required USDA Professional Standards training requirements
    • A minimum of 4 hours of USDA required training is provided to your staff without the need for additional funds on your part for overtime or resources
  • The SFSPac® Online Learning Portal is accessible to all your staff, transforming the way your staff learns, from cleaning procedures to OSHA compliance, your staff can access the Portal online at anytime, and Directors can track their staff’s progress on line

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