• Regularly scheduled site visits are conducted by trained Food Safety and Sanitation Technicians that follow FDA Model Food Code, State Environmental Health Dept Code (Cal Code), individual county Health Code rules, and USDA required HACCP guidelines
  • Technicians follow a 45 point HACCP verification checklist to measure the effectiveness of your Food Safety Program throughout the flow of food, identifying critical control points
    • Best practices in all areas of food safety are presented to staff during each site visit
    • Areas of non-compliance are provided with corrective measure on premise
    • HACCP logs are reviewed for completion and accuracy
  • The safety of the food served to your students is our utmost concern, and we take great steps to ensure that occurs by a value added program working alongside your staff every step of the way
  • Standard operating procedures (SOP) are developed cooperatively to apply HACCP principles so that potentially hazardous foods are handled safely and correctly
  • Site findings are reviewed with the site lead before completing the visit, ensuring accountability on the part of all parties

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